“VALUESHIPR was born out of deep experience and understanding of the Logistics sector, by committed and passionate professionals with diverse experience. Our sole goal is to organise the logistic sector by lowering barriers for all the stake holders involved.  In that process we’ve created our platform that brings in the simplicity required for transporters, cargo owners, drivers, warehouse owners, packers & movers, CHA agents and Associates to come on the same platform and harness the efficiency that is much missing.  We believe ValueShipr empowers businesses to transact in a seamless fashion and will bring in the change that is much needed. “

The coming together of deeply passionate, committed professionals with the sole objective of creating Value in their common interest “Logistics & Transportation” sciences gave birth to VALUESHIPR.

With years of experience behind them and understanding the challenges in the field of logistics, Valueshipr intersects technology and Logistics like never before and seeks to address them with simple and convenient solutions. Technological breakthroughs like IOT, cloud, GPS, automation in documentation, analytics have been leveraged into ValueShipr On-demand multimodal Transport ecosystem to organize the sector and deliver value to all stake holders.

We focus on delivering Quality service by facilitating goods, cargo and parcel movement for every load capacity, at competitive price, flanking every shipment or freight with latest technology & outstanding customer service.

Our Quest for offering “VALUE” and “CONVENIENCE” has been the sole driving force of our cutting edge platform and our partners and cargo owners could experience it Anytime, Anywhere through a MOBILE APP, WEB APPLICATION or PHONE CENTRE. Seamless connection between validated Transport Associates and Cargo Owners, eliminating wastage and enhancing efficiencies, tracking real-time, revenue optimization, reduction in expense for all our associated partners is the fundamental goal of ValueShipr.

We believe that this Open Network of Logistics and Transportation platform will be the harbinger for creating transparency and trust thereby building confidence among users.

ValueShipr with this unique network will help reduce carbon footprint, ensure optimal usage of transportation capacity and contribute to the logistics industry and the well-being of all people associated with the industry.