How to Choose the Best Movers & Packers in India

Movers and Packers
That un-suspecting transfer order, change of residence, shifting household, shifting of office, relocating factories or warehouses, furniture, shifting material from one location to other are incidents from everyday life and each person will have multiple experiences in their lifetime. However moments like this are often anxiety ridden and even people with experience have a harrowing time. This is predominantly due to coordination between multiple agencies, understanding of the requirements, pricing, permissions and a host of other bottlenecks.

Needless to say, it’s a wish-list of those encountering this activity to have a good and reliable mover and packer. It is extremely crucial that the right choice of relocation experts or movers and packers are selected for shifting the goods which may be of personal nature, emotional or sensitive to the concerned person. The shifting could be within the city or even across towns. Typically these companies are specialists or even a cargo and goods transportation company who have undertaken these activities offering their services to the discerning consumer.

However, it is important that the person shifting goods needs to follow a standard set of due diligence before giving the mandate or the order to the Cargo carrier. Listed below are some tips one could follow to have a seamlessness experience in this activity.

  1. Organise, Make a list & Discard:
    The first and the foremost activity should be to make a list of all items, requirements during shifting, the special actions required. Discard all junk, not essential items that has been stocked for years and really do not matter in the current or for the future. By doing this one gets to have a overall hang of the shipment or load, the specific needs and also the transit needs and also placement of the items at the new location.
  2. Selection of Movers and Packers, Transporter, Relocation Expert
    The logical next step is to find the right Mover and Packer or Relocation Transport Company to facilitate the load movement. The general methodology is to reach out to contacts, friends, call up some known transporters to get the solution. Alternately people would also go online to find out who are the packers and movers available online whom they could approach for a quotation and also handle all their queries.
    Do you know all these methods are passé! Well brace yourselves; what if you get a solution on a platform that addresses all your concerns and requirements at one place, wouldn’t you be elated?
    Welcome to platform technology ecosystem that helps & you reach out to multiple verified transporters involved in moving and packing and get multiple quotations (helps you compare), gives you transparent pricing and proper invoice, shipment tracking, online payment systems, value added services like warehousing, packaging, insurance etc with a Tele relationship manager to co-ordinate, all with few clicks or swipe! Well visit and experience shifting goods and cargo shipment like never before.
  3. Marine (Transit) Insurance:
    This is a small amount, but important item and can help you avoid heartburns in case of any untoward eventuality during transit.
  4. Plants, Pets, Vehicles, Heirloom:
    All these items are personal and have emotional and sentimental attachments to the owner. Prior enquiries and confirmation of the handling modality by the mover and packer is important to be checked and validated. It may be worthwhile and recommended for the shipper or owner to ensure their presence whilst these items are being handled.

Lastly it may be worthwhile for all shippers or consumers in the process of shifting to ask all possible queries and get them answered before they sign on the dotted line!

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