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Festival times are around the corner in India and elsewhere in the world. August through December witnesses some of the highest goods and cargo being shipped across to consumption points. The goods from raw material to the finished goods may see multiple modes of handling before it is eventually consumed. Manufacturers, distributors and logistics companies are constantly looking at most cost effective, efficient methods to transfer the goods to their destinations.

Shippers from Mumbai may be seeking Best transportation costs to Delhi, Bangalore , Chennai Hyderabad or Ahmedabad or even NhavaSheva from their warehouse facility at Bhiwandi, Thane, Navi Mumbai,Taloja or Kalamboli. Cargo-owners could also be looking for Best transportation costs from Gurgaon, ICD tuglaqbad, Dadri to places like Delhi Airport, Ludhiana, Lucknow, Indore or the NCR region.

India has a transportation model heavily leaning on Road mode. The sector is highly fragmented and has huge dependencies on Broker network. As a result there is huge opaqueness, non transparent pricing, very low trust, poor commitment levels and absence of professionalism. All these leads to poor accountabilities.

The advent of digitization and internet economy has ushered in the shared or network economy business models. Manufacturers, distributors or Logistics companies can now leverage the Online Truck or Trailer booking services either to fulfill their First Mile, Last Mile or Middle Mile requirements by just registering on platforms like and with few clicks or swipe, get a whole new hassle free experience in transportation. The platform uses technology to flank locations with Supply, match demand, orchestrate the throughput movement by providing visibility of shipment with tracking, automated documentation and Proof of delivery. Technologies like Cloud, Big data, IOT, AI and payments help bring in this transformation. All these with excellent backup of responsible Logistics team who ensures quality, timely deliveries and efficiency of cost savings.

This platform is a boon for a wide cross section of clients from a small entrepreneur to medium and large scale companies. One can effect ‘Spot’, ‘contract’ and ‘To pay’ assignments with Valueshipr.

The payments for the assignments can be made Online using Payment Gateway or direct Bank Transfer.

From small parcels to cargo, containers, relocation to ODD dimension large project shipments are transported by VALUESHIPR . Being a multimodal platform one could look at a complete solution for EXIM requirements as well. These initiatives are helping smart clients to now be assured of high quality of Logistics services.

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