E Way Bill – How To Create an E Way Bill Through Valueshipr

E Way bill generation Operator
The Government has made the E-way bill mandatory for all inter-state movement of goods over Rs.50,000/-, from the 1st February 2018. A consignment not having an E-way Bill along with it during transit may get detained for not complying with the laws.

There is a big debate on how to prepare it & who is responsible for generating it.
The below article will help all logistics personnel & logistics companies generate e-way bills with minimum effort

Currently, The Government has given permission only to consignor, consignee & transporter to log into the e-way bill portal & generate the e-way bill. The consignor , consignee & transporter needs to have a GSTIN / URP to register on the portal.

Shippers like SMEs, Manufacturers, Engineering companies, FMCGs, traders have been using the ValueShipr portal to generate their E-Way bills effortlessly.

How it Works:

  1. ValueShipr is a registered Transporter on the E-way bill portal
  2. Through an API connection it connects to the E-Way bill portal avoiding duplication of work.
  3. Your E-way bill is generated & you can opt to Print / Email it.

How to Create an E- Way Bill through ValueShipr :

  1. Book a truck on ValueShipr
  2. Enter the invoice details OR/AND Upload your invoice on the portal.
  3. Within minutes, your E-way bill & LR will be generated & emailed to you.
E Way bill Example

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