SAARC Countries Transportation Of Goods & Cargo to Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan

India is well connected to some of its immediate neighbours like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh by a fairly good network of Roadways. The total trade between the SAARC countries annually is upwards of $20 bn. The Indian Prime Minister has echoed the importance of a multi modal connectivity of Rail and Road transport corridor between the countries that would augment the trade and cultural aspects between the countries. India-driven proposal for a joint venture among BBIN (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal) countries is an outcome to forge a transport corridor between these said countries.

Strengthened rail and road connectivity will not only provide stimulus to economic development in the region as a whole, but also encourage social and cultural contact and promote tourism among member-states. The rail agreement will enable low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable transportation in the region and provide trade and economic links for land-locked countries and semi-isolated regions. The road agreement will lay down the protocol for vehicular traffic movement between Saarc countries for better people-to-people connectivity and cargo movement.

The two way trade between India and Bangladesh annually stood at $6.5 bn. India exports to Bangladesh are  agro commodities, automobiles and energy besides others, while India imports textiles as one of the major commodities. The trade between India and Nepal is upwards of $5bn, India exports all essential commodities, energy and other infrastructural requirements to Nepal. The major commodities exported from India to Bhutan were petroleum products, machine tools, motor vehicles/cars, products of iron and steel etc. while the major imports from Bhutan were power, iron and steel, inorganic chemicals, plastic sheet and film, alcoholic beverages. The two way trade between India and Bhutan is approximately $1.5bn annually.

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