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Truck Tracking System, Track Consignment, Goods & Cargo
It was 2 AM in the morning when we place the call to Pareshbhai, the driver of this 9 Ton truck on which we wanted to install our GPS device and test. As irony would have it, it was his wife who picked up the phone and told us not to disturb him since he’d just returned from the trip after 8 long days. But my colleague, who we refuse to name, wouldn’t budge. He explained that we all were travelling with Pareshbhai and it is extremely urgent (and that’s how we get work done apparently.

At 3:30 AM when we finally reached the point to install the device, the mechanic kept on laughing every sometime. Apparently he used to get tickled every time he touched the ignition wire (yes, earthling issues in the vehicle). But it wasn’t the GPS device getting up and running that we were excited about. The goose bumps came from the fact that Pareshbhai will no longer have to pick up his phone while driving the truck to let his location known. And his customers will know where he is all the time.

We quickly realized that while these are tangible values that we can give, there are countless intangible ones that came along with it. A few more sensors and the family knows how’s he doing while on the road. Could easily extend the same application to make something inclusive for the community (And yes, that was followed by really long and totally worth the time discussions to extend outreach)

But the true moment was when his truck broke down with no mechanic or help in sight and he had a broken arm. It was simply amazing to make sure that we rush the help to him with precise co-ordinates. That’s what we believed in right from the beginning and these little joys drive us harder than we practically can; and it’s an amazing ride, totally worth every penny you can count.

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