Movers and Packers – Changing paradigm in India

Shifting or relocating a home, office, warehouse or plant has always been a challenging and daunting task. What with un-organised, unskilled and unreliable players wooing prospective shippers with collar shaped advertisements staring out of classified, stickers in the housing society stairwell, compound walls, trains, buses etc. Ultimately one would become gullible and call out to these personnel to take care of their shifting. What makes matters worse is competition offering lower rates and then leaving services tardy since they are unable to manage the task with the finalized quotes. Most of these players sub-contract the various parts of the job to unskilled workforce who use non compliant trucks with poor lashing to shift, thereby bringing in that much more element of risk in the assignment.

In recent times newer players understanding these challenges have launched solutions driven by technology, standard operating procedures and professional checks to ensure high quality in shifting.

Some of the advantages that these Online platform players offer are :
1. Simple booking procedure
Introduction of Technology has simplified shifting by enabling online booking of truck which could be done omni-channel either via a desktop, mobile APP or a Call to a unique number. Customer can key in details, upload details using their phone cameras to get the booking process completed.

2. Transparent pricing
Online platforms is a marketplace having aggregation of transporters and movers on board who are verified and validated by the platform. This enables clients to get a assortment of Freight quotes akin to an online RFQ process and helps them get the best rates. This facilitates Transparency in pricing .

3. Tracking
Trucks are enabled either with GPS-IOT and mobile GPS based tracking enabling the client to always be on top of the transportation independently. He is also alerted periodically via a SMS on the status of the load.

4. Packaging support
Safety of the belongings or articles is of paramount importance. Therefore these items have to be packed with utmost care and loaded and unloaded. This needs expert help and standardization. Clients need to have a proper discussion with the selected mover and packer to set expectation and pricing thereof.

5. Short term warehousing
There could be reasons either at the loading end or unloading end where there is a requirement of short term warehousing. The reasons could be climatic conditions, delay in possession of the premises, delay in formalities etc. Platforms like VALUESHIPR have the ability to offer short term warehousing facility for temporary storage

6. Professional consultation on special requirements
Special requirements on packing, loading and unloading due to the nature of articles, state formalities etc will need specialized knowhow. These requirements are easily managed by versatile platforms who are equipped to handle these requirements.

7. Simple payment methods
Payments can be made using the payment gateways on the platform or direct bank transfer which makes the overall experience very seamless.

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