Online Cargo Transporters and the Marketplace Technology

Logistics (of which transportation is a part) is the detailed and effective management of flow of goods from the point of sourcing until the point of consumption, thereby meeting the expectation of the client customer or the enterprise that actually makes use of the services. The goods transported could include physical items such as food, materials, animals, equipment, and liquids and gases, industrial material and even art. The logistics of physical items usually involves the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and often security as well.

In the conventional model, goods and cargo transporters have clients, corporate who they know out of long years of working with them or have been referred to them. To service these requirements, the cargo transporters have trucks or trailers available at their disposal and specialized drivers to transport them. The deliveries could be inter-city or intra-city. These existing model while it was personalized however had some real challenges like; non-transparency in pricing, real time shipment tracking, verified transporters, patchy documentation, poor truck utilization, lack of return loads, no reports for decisions and many more.

With digitalization and the transactions being facilitated by the online revolution, online cargo transporters have actually seen a huge benefit in overcoming challenges and giving them the edge.

Simplicity, scale, trust and transparency have all become the corner stones of the online cargo transporter platform.

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