Benefits of Online Truck Hiring Services

Truck Hire Online
The thought of transporting or moving goods, cargo or material whether personal effects, raw material or finished goods from one location to the other is always a daunting task for many seasoned logisticians. But obviously one would turn to providers of Truck Hiring services to get the right configuration of the truck to carry the goods to the designated destination using the best possible route, with minimal wastage of time and at the best possible freight.

The conventional modality adopted by a shipper or cargo owners was to have few transporters empanelled with them, with vehicles or else draw these vehicles from known brokers.

However the advent of the information age and digitization has made the unthinkable possible and have re-drawn the battle-zones, diminishing constraints and boundaries like never before. The powerful combination of voice and data in tandem revolutionised the manner in which businesses were imagined and have transformed products and service deliveries across sectors.

The role of the goods transporters or companies besides offering trucks and trailers with drivers was to plan the route, manage transportation, offer the best freight and offer 3PL or 4PL services like loading, packaging, warehousing besides managing the documentation. Due to the un-organised nature of the business and lack of professional management these Truck Hiring services were localized or operated across the country with their branch offices. Business distribution predominantly happened using references or with inbound leads coming into their offices directly or via brokers.

With the digital age, Transporters have found a newer medium of facilitating truck hiring online, giving them unprecedented access and reach to prospective customers or shippers. Today transporters have the ability of registering their truck hiring online services, matching loads with trucks and co-ordination for transport and documentation as a part of their service. This is further augmented with real time shipment tracking which further adds to the efficiency and transparency in transactions.

Transporters also stand to benefit with quality loads, faster payments, better asset utilization, and return trips for their trucks. By associating with an online on-demand logistics platform like VALUESHIPR, the transporter builds Trust and Transparency besides offering quality services to shippers.

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