Story of a Top Startup in Logistics Transportation Services in India

I distinctly remember that warm afternoon, constant honking of cars, bikes on the road as it was blocked by this truck helping a household move its goods; and the head of that family exchanging heated arguments with the transport in-charge of moving the goods, for reckless handling of their sofa. The person sitting with me (whom I can’t name) had this really peculiar smirk on his face and I could make out, on how he’s thinking that he’s about to change all this.

Watching the whole chaos from the third floor, where we were sitting, it was just an idea that was not even on paper – and hardly on a white board. It was back in March this year. We came close to blows discussing the knick-knacks and I am pretty sure if I had the hulk’s hand, might well have shown that. But that’s how it is and it should be; when 6 people come together in creating something that aims to change the way we carry on with our lives, we ought to be thinking about everyone involved; and fight for their point of view and dream of being a hulk that none can harm.

The trips we took sitting on the trucks to understand how does the entire industry works at the ground level and how our solution would help marginalize the challenges facing a transporter and a cargo owner are some of the best memories we’d personally cherish for a very long time. They turned out to be one of a kind of a travelogue and beyond enriching. Could never forget that annoying look on the driver’s face when he kept on getting constant calls from his supervisors asking for his location. And how they haggle at check posts and their discussions about movies & actors.

The chai at the designated, per-decided points, the dhabhas, the retro music, their loud cacophony singing, at times cooking and having hot chapattis with the onion and chillies by the roadside, the bathing session by the rivulet told us many things that we otherwise would have simply ignored. (And yes, while we have the collared jobs, we did not know the nuances right from day one. But we have learnt and boy, what a learning that has been!

Years of research, slow and pain staking progress and countless, long nights later we are at the brink of launching something that we believe will deliver value and will help lower the barrier that otherwise is rampantly high in the logistics and cargo movement business. And no, we are not here to disrupt… We are here to enhance value of all stakeholders in the cargo and shipping business, ease the barrier and grow with our users. Happy ValueShipr!

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