Tips to maintain your truck / trailers during Lockdown and keep it roadworthy

Covid19 pandemic has unleashed an un-precedented situation and affected everyone around the globe, disrupting routine life. In the absence of an effective counter in the form of a vaccine, the only recourseat this point of time world over is adopting  ‘social distancing’ Lockdown measures and isolation. Nation upon nation are forced to announce a lockdown to stymie the rapidly increasing infection. The stern measures to make sure everyone reduce human contact to the least possible and stay indoors, practice personal hygiene are being enforced by governments in the best possible manner. In such a scenario, it is imperative with restrictions put forth by various authorities the movement of trucks, trailers, air freighters would have dramatically reduced and one could assume that they would relatively remain unused.

Motor vehicles remaining un-used is not a good situation since vehicles, planes are a sum total of multiple sub-assemblies of components that take care of myraid functions to keep the vehicle moving. Not using them could jam these parts and will take some effort to get them back going. We spoke to some specialist to prepare some tips for our Carrier partners / transporters to help them keep their Truck assets roadworthy.

Since Lockdown announcements have come as a surprise across countries, it has given the Trucking Partner/ Pilot not enough time to plan. The current reading from the ground is that, it is going to take a while before we see the vehicle utilization going back to earlier levels. Nevertheless, here are some tips that we have collated from experts who have outlined, what could be done in such un-precedented times. This will also help truckers from incurring additional costs and visits to the service centers and added costs.

  1. Park the truck preferably in a safe dry truck terminal, parking area, dhabha. Also try and ensure that exposure to dust and humidity is minimal
  2. Ensure that the place is free of Rats / rodents, since they can play havoc with your cabling, material etc.
  3. If the truck has to be parked for longer duration, do not use parking brakes, because brakes can fade. Put the truck in ‘gear’ and use chocks (wedges) behind the tires.
  4. Start vehicle and keep engine running twice a week for 15 minutes in idle state, keep engine running with Headlights ‘on’ if possible. Maintain the viscosity of the oil and help lubricate all the engine moving parts, cooling/ radiator assembly and the alternator will charge the batteries.
  5. Incase there is a anticipated longer gap, it is advisable to disconnect the battery and then only reconnect when you need to.
  6. If vehicles are kept stationary for extended period, a phenomenon called as ‘flat spots’ occur with tires Therefore it is important to rotate the wheels and move it around to alter the contact patch with ground in parking.
  7. If the vehicle has been unused for a long period, make sure the windows are lowered when you start it. At Least for 15 minutes to make sure the cabin is aired out ensuring adequate ventilation.
  8. If possible try and grease up the joints, bearings, axles. spring etc
  9. Last but not the least, if the place permits, move the vehicle and take short rounds to keep the truck / trailer Functionalities working in perfect conditions

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