Top 10 reasons why Companies, Shippers or Cargo Owners choose Digital Freight Platforms

Top 10 Reasons

Logistics and Supply Chain sector is highly fragmented, unstructured and has a huge overhang of legacy systems and process in force even today. Possibly in comparision to other sectors, this could be one of the last frontiers being disrupted in the Industrial 4.0 economy. The Logistics cost to GDP in some of the developing countries are at an alarming over 10% (India 14%). Now these numbers directly indicates the lack of efficiency and costs, that amplifies the throughput cost before any product reaches the hands of the discerning consumers. These costs are directly transferred to the consumers and in most cases are an unviable proposition.

In recent times with the network economy taking centre stage, sector on sector is being disrupted with products and services, creating new business models, new process or work flow efficiencies and many interesting, ingenious innovations. There have been a slew of innovations across the globe in the Logistics and Supply chain space as well. Shippers and Cargo owners have started to work with digital forwarders – Road, Air, Sea & Rail and are experiencing huge advantages as regards minimalising existing challenges and get more control on the entire throughput of Cargo  or Goods movement at all times.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Corporates|Shippers|Cargo Owners and Enterprises choose Digital Freight Platforms:

1. Verified and Validated vendors

Opaque counterparty transactions in Logistics is a real risk due to the high level of intermediaries in the market. Cargo Owners really have no methodology to verify and validate the credentials of their transportation partners. Digital platforms like valueshipr offer verified and validated vendors who have gone through a KYC process before being registered as a transport partner on the platform

2. Transparency on Freight Quotes

Technology has made it possible to aggregate stakeholders in logistics come on a common platform, communicate seamlessly and impartially and in a democratic manner. The process /workflows are enabled with real time RFQ, reverse bidding or even simple instant freight quote pass through. Clients / Cargo owners get  access to much wider participation, market based pricing, negotiated pricing arbitrage across geographies. Further technologies like machine learning and data analytics have made freight pricing much more scientific and predictable on the platform. The digital platform with inherent escalation matrix also acts as a huge deterrent against corruption and quid-pro-quo arrangements that are very prevalent in the developing countries. Freight pricing index on the valueshipr platform gives customers a broad idea of the freight price band for their transportation assignment

3. Availability

One of the most critical aspects in Logistics is the availability of Asset /Space at the right time and the place. Being a part of the broad Digital platform framework gives client shippers a wider choice and the ability to get value based freight pricing for their movements. The larger aggregation of supply also helps withstand surge requirements as well as month end spikes. The digital framework also identifies, for eg. return trucks and there could be significant cost savings for the Shipper

4. Point to point Visibility and Tracking shipment

Partnering with Digital logistics platforms enables the Shipper to get point to point streaming alerts on the location of their shipment. Technologies like IOT, GPS facilitates non intrusive and independent means to track the shipment at all times. These technologies also facilitate a host of features like real time monitoring of temperature for reefer consignment and multiple predictive and optimization data. ValueShipr Platform is API enabled and clients could interface their ERP platforms and use the ValueShipr platform as a bridge between their warehouse or manufacturing facility to get full control over their throughput until the consumption point.

5.High Quality of Service

Client Shippers who associate with digital platforms for their service requirements would experience professional handling, competent and experienced personnel, standardized operating procedures and timely deliveries as per arrangement and a team who are calibrated to ensure the Client Shipper’s success in their assignments. Mobile Support, Email Access, One unique number support phone to address all Queries, enables faster response times.  All these additional intangible service support framework is available to the Shipper or Cargo owner at no extra cost.

6. Optimisation of Asset , Routes

There is an incredible amount of Logistics and supply chain data, whether Container, SKU, Truck, trailer or even parcels at warehouses or locations, that is available with the digital platforms like ValueShipr. This information can be used to optimize routes and assets usage, planning schedules of despatches, predict timing of the consignment arrival. This is a powerful tool for corporate and shipper cargo owners to optimize costs and also plan their overall strategy.

7.Management Reports

With traditional or non-technology based Logistics and Supply chain players, one of the inherent drawbacks is the unavailability of decision making Management reports. With digital platforms, various data-cuts aligned to what the management requires can be made available for Logistics decision makers to take timely decisions and reviewing progress Some of these reports are available bespoke and others could be requested for customization as per the use case.

8. Better control on documentation, PODs and thereby Payment receivables

One would often see Companies and enterprises who are cargo owners having a battery of manpower manning very mundane Logistics tasks in their department. Automation with multiple algorithms have actually made the entire documentation part very seamless, without human intervention and on the fly accessible by all authorized stakeholders on Mobile, desktop or over a email. Also at the delivery point the platform technology also accomadates digital POD and thereby reduces the latency of lodgement of POD for the Shipper with their client. All these have features obviates the need for having intense manpower personnel deployment as also brings in huge cost savings, time savings and faster payments.

9. Better administrative control on in-house Logistics personnel

The Digital Logistics technology platform brings about transparency, involvement, responsibility and accountability to all the Logistics and Supply chain activities for client Shippers and Cargo Owners. Ushering in the technology platform can drive the required KPI’s that can be measured, cost savings and best practices in the industry.

10. Digital Platform designed with “Customer” at the core:

One of the often heard grievance with Supply Chain and Logistics is the manpower and relationship attrition, Relationship Manpower or Transport partner unavailability, not receiving the right solution, lack of bells and whistles etc. With a Digital Logistics platform one gets 24 X 7 availability, manpower agnostic service delivery and standardized service. All possible work flows can be orchestrated within the platform to have seamless workflows and ensure high level of customer service levels. Also whether for payment follow-ups, or any lacunae in the service can be easily identified and rectified.

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