About the Company

What is ValueShipr?
ValueShipr is a Logistics Ecosystem Platform based on proprietary technology from M/s. Decker Logistics Pvt. Ltd. We facilitate linking & matching cargo shipment with third party transportation providers across Road, Rail & Sea and Air. We specialize in providing logistics services to the needs of those looking for a better experience in this business.

In which locations do ValueShipr operate in?
Currently we are operational in 9 cities – Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat & NCR. We are rapidly setting up our operations in other cities. If you want us in your city.. Click here. For any information on this item you could send a email or a call our contact centre, who would be happy to help you.

Where can I find the ValueShipr Terms of Service?
Our Terms of Use are here. All ValueShipr cargo owners / shippers and transport partners are required to accept them.

Where can I find the ValueShipr Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy is here. cargo owners / shippers and transport partners are required to agree to it.

Can a ValueShipr cargo owner / shipper or carrier contact each other directly for new business?
According to our Terms of Service, it is strictly forbidden for either party to solicit business from one another for 12 months from the last date of a shipment between the parties. If this occurs, both parties will be asked to cease and desist and are subject to being asked to leave the marketplace ecosystem.

Do agreements need to be made in writing?
In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service, shipping pricing, commitments and promises must to be in writing.

Transport Partner - FAQs

Why partner with ValueShipr?
By partnering with us, your business gets the potential to operate on full capacity 24x7. We do the job of finding the right loads for you on forward and return trips with fair prices consistently. Our technology also helps you identify opportunities to improvise on your operations without any additional cost. Please see our partner’s testimonials to understand how they benefit by becoming ValueShipr® partners.

Who can be a ValueShipr Transport Partner?
Any Transporter or a Transport company having valid documentation (Registration, permits and insurance ) can register with us a our partner. Our team will be in touch with you within 24-36 hours to get you on boarded onto the platform. Download our application to see how easy it is!

I am a road transport company; what types of trucks can you help me with?
Our customers are using trucks in LCV as well as HCV categories. Your trucks will have a great chance of full capacity run if they are any one of the following:

  • Mini Trucks
  • Covered Body Pick ups
  • Straight Trucks
  • Tractor Trailors
  • FlatBeds
  • Cargo Vans
  • Reefer Trucks

Do Transport partners need smartphones?
Yes, Transport partners (Admin & Drivers) for Road transportation will need smartphone to work with ValueShipr. We currently are on the Android™ Marketplace . Shortly based on demand we will launch other APPS also. However our Desktop Web application is Mobile friendly and you could use the same across browsers like IOS and Windows.

Do I need to buy a Geo Tracking Device? What will be the cost of that?
The Shipment and the Assets will have dual tracking – one through the Truck installed device and other through the Driver mobile APP. The entire ValueShipr offering in combination offers you a huge advantage. We want your drivers to focus on driving. We want you to optimize on your operations. We want to ensure that we provide you maximum business that is out there. Our platform leverages the information that we capture from our Geo Tracking devices to delivery the best experience and benefits. By upgrading your trucks to our devices, you not only get state of the art technology but also real time reporting that allows you to generate more business from idle & returning trucks.

What is exciting is that ValueShipr is offering these state of the art Geo Tracking device with IOT technology and support at never before Introductory price and hence we would recommend that you do not miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

Since this is a vital component of the ecosystem we would urge all transport partners to install geo-tracking devices in their trucks that is offered by the ValueShipr team. Also you may kindly note that we may currently not be in a position to integrate with your existing geo tracker to upgrade, be Future ready and scale business.

I downloaded the App, however I am unable to use it/it’s not working!
Please click here if you already have registered with us and shared the documents required. You can also download our latest version of the application from www.valueshipr.com/download You cannot use the App until you are authorized & validated as a Transport partner on the platform. Please sign up through the website or mobile phone and our onboarding team will do the needful to authorize you in the shortest possible time frame.

What is the signup process for Android?
You must be authorized before you can use the App. Please sign up through the website, or mobile phone, watch the following video and our onboarding team will be in touch. The Android app may be downloaded here.

Will I need to use the ValueShipr APP ,Webportal, Phone centre for all my shipments?
Our Mobile Applications, Website, Call and Transact are the means we currently support, for you to use ValueShipr. It allows you to do everything that you’d need in order to successfully run your business with us. We would love to hear more feedback from you. Please contact us here. You must use your own protocol for non-ValueShipr shipments.

Once I sign up, when can I start carrying freight?
As soon as your verification is complete, you will start receiving alerts on freights available near to your trucks(*). You can start bid & Quote for carrying the freights right after that. Please click here to register if you have not done so yet.. Sign up through the mobile APP / website www.valueshipr.com to begin the onboarding process.

How do I use the App?
ValueShipr will schedule a time for one of our experts to personally consult with you (either Telephone/personal visit) after you have watched the video and provide you all the information / demonstration and even help you place a Bid for familiarization on the platform.

Who supplies the Loading Receipt/ Lorry Receipt LR?
Our transport partner will supply the Loading Receipt / Lorry receipt LR at pick up point and transporters are advised to not pick up a shipment without one. However the ValueShipr platform has provided a facility for our Transport partner to Automatically get LR on his APP / registered email, to seamlessly accelerate the process. Email: support@ValueShipr.com or call +91 8655012255

What are payment terms available?
We have multiple payment terms available for our Transport partners. And the same has been elucidated in our Terms of Use and separate annexure arrangement with you.

Who do I call if I have a problem with the shipment?
Our Support Team is available to help you with any issue you may have. Email: support@ValueShipr.com or call +91 8655012255. Our hours of operation are 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday. ValueShipr offices are closed on weekends and some Government holidays.

What if I get a bad star rating on a shipment?
ValueShipr requires all shippers or cargo owners to rate each transport partner on a shipment by shipment basis. Transport partners can view all ratings received from shippers. Ratings are dynamic and can always be improved with service strength.

Does the responsibility of Sales in the partner territory lie completely with ValueShipr?
Yes, primarily, however the Business partner could also refer or collaborate on Sales in the territory as a joint effort

Can we Brand our Vehicles with ValueShipr Branding?/strong>
Yes, this is permitted for registered transport associates who own vehicles.

Will there be branding opportunity on commercial basis available from ValueShipr?
Yes ValueShipr from time to time will approach you with additional earning opportunity. This will be mutually discussed and auctioned.

Shipper FAQs

Are Transport partners prescreened, validated?
Yes, all transport partners who utilize the ValueShipr platform are validated and authorised. They must meet all of the criteria during our compliance process to be authorized to use the Transport partner application or Mobile App. We are committed to selecting Transport Partners who meet the highest industry standards.

Does ValueShipr insure my shipments?
No, we encourage supplemental insurance for all shipments posted by our Shippers/ carriers. If your shipment requires additional insurance, you can visit the APP or Web Application or please contact support@ValueShipr.com for more information.

Can I get a quote before I book a shipment?
We offer real-time freight quotes /bids through our desktop mobile application, eliminating the need to call multiple carriers or use rate sheets. Each quote is valid for the bid period. We also provide a Freight calculator, which gives the approximate Freight charge band that you can expect.

Can the Freight change after I book?
Your final Freight can change from the quote/bid provided if initial information is insufficient or incorrect. Changes occur when load details (weight, volume, etc.), pickup or drop-off location, schedule times are different or additional services viz. loading assist, packing, accessorial or wait-time charges are incurred.

Can I select my Transport Partner?
ValueShipr prides itself on providing the most efficient freight movement possible – the right truck, on time, and at the right price. For special situations, we offer “Preferred Carriers” that can be given first right of refusal for your shipments. Please contact support@ValueShipr.com for more information.

Am I required to Sign the Loading Receipt? What other documents should I provide?
Yes, all shipments must be accompanied by a Loading Receipt which has to be signed by the Shipper /consigner. This should accompany with a invoice, permit , insurance copy with the docket ,should be given to the carrier at pick up. Missing documents can delay the shipment.

How do I provide feedback on a shipment?
After you have received proof of delivery, the shipper can rate the shipment. Each shipment can be rated 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest rating.

Who do I contact if I have a billing question?
Our customer engagement team will be happy to answer any billing questions you may have. Email them at support@ValueShipr.com

Business Associate -FAQs

Why partner with ValueShipr as a Business Associate?
You have been a active participant in the Logistics Industry organizing or arranging Shipment movement by intermediation ( Broker / CHA Agent). Here is an opportunity to further spread your operations since we connect and partner you with quality Transport partner or cargo owners/shippers for demand or supply based on your requirement, so that you do not miss out a opportunity to scale your business.

How can I join ValueShipr as a Business Associate?
You could register on ValueShipr using our simple Registration process either through the Web Application or Mobile APP. Post which you will get a confirmation and our Operations team will validate and certify you, post which you can initiate your business.

Can I register either the transporter or the Cargo Owner?
Yes, you could register either the Transport partner or the Cargo owner and be rewarded for the same through our plans that will be shared with you.

Who in ValueShipr will support / co-ordinate my Business as Associate?
Our Back Office Operations team with a dedicated Relationship Manager will do the job dedicatedly in your interest.

Didn’t find the FAQ you were looking for?
Fill out our contact form with your question, or call +91 8655012255. We’re open from 10 AM to 6 PM during business hours.