Moving or shifting of goods, cargo, loads is an activity that every individual or company would need to tackle with, in their lives or businesses. This event could be almost daily or event or requirement based. This necessary activity of moving and packing the goods and reaching it to the consumption point adds a significant incremental cost to the product and this cost is cascaded to the end consumers. This cost at times could at times make the product competitive or less competitive in the targeted markets and is therefore a vital component in the overall packaging of the product for the end consumers.

The un-organized structure of the Logistics sector in India makes determination of optimum routes, capacity and lowest transparent pricing of the Freight cost almost non transparent. India being an agro commodity driven market with the Rabi and Kharif crops produced being transported across the country, there is always a demand supply gap in the transportation infrastructure.

Therefore the customer always has a daunting and time consuming challenge in determining the right Freight Charges that are optimal for his/her transportation and save on costs.

In view of this VALUESHIPR has introduced a proprietary Freight Calculation Tool appropriately called Motaa Motee Freight Calculator to aid the consignor or customer to get a approximate sense of the Freight Charges for Truck / trailer hire in the Sector or Lane from the pickup to destination point.

Mota Mottee Freight Calculator MMC is your FREE- Go to – friendly tool, to find out current prices of truck, trailer & container pan India.

Simply enter your, Mobile number, From & To Locations, Type of truck required.

Our intelligent Freight calculator will help you calculate your freight cost based on the current market price.

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